Shadow people


Has anyone ever experienced anything paranormal  before . The other night I was fast asleep in my livingroom. I was awakened by a sound of an object that hangs from my bedroom door knob. It had clanged so loud that ,I opened my eyes to see a tall black silhouette standing before me in my hallway ! Staring right in my direction. So thinking normally that this was someone from in my family ,I call out what are you doing in the dark? Of course no response , just staring at me. Freaky deaky now . So then I yell their name (the relative ,not the ghost) lol. No answer what so ever! Now I am getting scared ! So I reach for my remote control and flick the TV on, It disappeared . Explain to me Lucy what in God ‘s name was that????? Never I tell you in my lifetime have I seen anything like that. 

Doing some of my own research I found this website that said this :

While previous theories of the nature and origin of the shadow people have included malevolent ghosts, demons, psychic energy manifestations and misinterpreted patterns of light and shade, a new and more frightening hypothesis has been gaining popularity with researchers. There is increasing connection of the shadow people to extraterrestrial activity. It is thought that the shadow people are in fact a form of energy manifestation through which people are being remotely observed by some outside source. It is not know whether this observation takes the form of an astral manifestation or a cross-dimensional interface between the frequencies that separate the dimensions.

The shadow people are seemingly insubstantial and fleeting in their appearances which make investigation difficult. Quite often they vanish as soon as they are spotted. If they are really the “eyes” of an alien intelligence it makes the issue much more critical. There has never been an incident reported in which the experiencer feel anything less that fright and dis-ease in the presence of these shadowy forms.

WHat do you think?


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