The Body Finder


Good is one awesome sight , it’s a great place to meet other readers or book clubs and disscusions. It is where I find most of my genre for sure. The other half is either me just doing my own type of cataloging for myself or suggesting great novals for the library where I work. The Ya Science Fiction and Fantasy Book club’s book for October is The Body Finder ByKimberly Derting

It’s a story about a 16 year old girl named Violet with a morbid secret ability. While she is confuessed over her new feelings for her old bestfriend since kindergarden years ,she is torn from all this drama in her life! Like being able to sense dead bodies!! I mean Murdered dead. So at a time her talents went from discover dead pets to now murdred girls!As she falls deeply and deeply in Love with her Jay (Bestfriend) she is on the look out for a serial killer in her small hometown. Who just might be on to her too.

I believe this is going to be another good one!

:Plus if your intristed on joining the book club with us here is a link:http:


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